life's a blessing

My year.

This page is my online journal for my future self. The idea came from Syed Balkhi, a name I stumbled upon while tuning into my go-to podcast, "My First Million" by Shaan Puri and Sam Parr. Syed mentioned the impact of creating an online journal specifically for documenting your journey to inspire and probably pass done to your kids. Major props to the My First Million for making my year a whole lot brighter.

Before 2023

In 2017, I graduated with a first-class degree in Computer Science. In 2019, I won a scholarship, which allowed me to move to Dubai and pursue a master's in Data Analytics. I've lived here since. During that time, I also started a solo digital marketing agency to earn some extra income.

Two principles guide me: First, 'Keep working; don't give up,' because what other options do I have if I'm not working? Second, abide by the Law of Averages—do everything in my power to hit that home run.

In 2020, I landed my first job in Dubai and graduated the same year with distinction. I've continued to refine my skills in digital marketing, web development, and data analysis.

In 2022, I made the bold decision to leave my role as a Data Analyst to focus entirely on my agency. It was a risk, but one that aligned with my guiding principles—never stop working hard, and always swing for the fences.


In 2023, I published my first research paper with the help of my former professors—a truly thrilling experience. That same year, I began my journey into personal branding and product creation.

In the midst of a challenging economy and with a team that required careful management, I figured, 'Why not build something just for me?' So, that's exactly what I did. In May, I launched a groundbreaking cover letter generator.

After a successful launch, My dad encouraged me to expand on it, leading to the birth of — a suite of free digital tools. The community response was fantastic, offering tool suggestions that I've since implemented. I've monetized the platform through ads and subscriptions, and it's been quite successful. After TheToolBus took off, I knew it was time to level up.

The year 2023 turned out to be a great moment for both me and Carril Agency. Our team expanded significantly, reflecting our commitment to excellence and growth. We achieved the distinction of being the top-ranked Webflow agency in the UAE, a testament to our hard work and innovative approach.

On a personal front, I embarked on a journey to further bolster my expertise and client trust by earning several key digital marketing and Webflow certifications. This not only added to my skillset but also enhanced the agency's reputation and reliability. evolved rapidly, reaching over 200,000 traffic impressions and becoming a go-to resource for digital tools, completely free of use. Embracing the power of social media, I restarted my 'build in public' series on Twitter and am gearing up to expand my presence on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube in the coming year.

This period was transformative, emotional, and ultimately triumphant, marking both personal growth and professional milestones.

GoodBye 2023.


The year started with a bang.

Q1 Update:

So far, I have raised my team's salary and employed 5 more staff members - 2 product designers, a motion designer, an SEO expert, and a content marketer.

We onboarded Novikov Cafe as one of our partners.So far, we have completed 3 website projects and are managing 6 social profiles for our clients.

We grew our upcoming venture (Canva Circle) to 1000+ followers across Instagram and TikTok.

ToolBus crossed 6,000 monthly clicks with a total of 15,000+ clicks and 503,000+ impressions in Q1 2024.

Carril Agency surpassed 1,000+ clicks and 122,000+ impressions in Q1 2024.We added affiliates and rank & rent to our revenue sources and have made some money from it so far.

What to Expect in Q2:

A new Carril Agency Website.
3 new client websites.
VFX client work.
More clients (very important).
A new rank and rent website.
Canva Circle Launch.

More of me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Stay Tuned.